Discovering Your Soul's Purpose
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Purpose Coaching


When we know our life’s purpose we live a much happier life. Your purpose is directly connected to your success. Through reflection and action, we get to know ourselves better, which helps us understand who we truly are. When you know your purpose, you will live a more inspired and creative life that will ultimately make an impact in the world.  

Purpose Work


Purpose work requires daily consciousness-shifting practices, reduction of outside and inside pressures of resistance that keep you from allowing yourself to experience your soul’s encounters, and requires you to make an interior shift between what you already know to be true about your purpose and how you are currently living your life.

This is a 10-week one-hour session that will help you look inward and examine your thoughts and feelings, bring out your perceived weaknesses, face your inhibitions, regain your self-esteem and show love, kindness, and compassion for yourself and others. It’s time to discover your purpose and to understand the potential it holds for your life and your business.

Through discovering/exploring your purpose you will:

  • Understand your skillset and your intentions in life.

  • De-clutter your thoughts and bring more clarity to what you envision. 

  • With consistent practice, you will become aware of your inherited strengths, as well as blocks, and learn to move past them.

  • You will know your worth, your unique gifts, and how and where to use them.  

  • You will gain a strong business plan that allows for professional success and embracing your true purpose.  

  • Trusting your own inner voice and tapping into your inner strength will help you gain confidence.

  • You will gain courage in expressing your purpose for yourself and also towards helping others.

  • You will become more creative in connecting with companies whose mission aligns with your soul's purpose.

  • You will experience more inner peace, less stress, better sleep, and a positive outlook that others will notice.

  • Experience a sense of freedom in taking charge of your life.

We will work together to: 

  • Develop a plan to implement your purpose into every area of your daily life, aligning your soul's purpose with that of your business, work, or service.

  • Assess your current practice for inner inspiration and encouragement. 

  • Participate in guided meditations that may help connect with your heart centers, release past traumas, or focus on sound meditations, depending on their purpose.

  • Engage in conscious shifting practices.

  • Tap into your intuition and hear your inner voice.

Who is this for?

Purpose coaching sessions are for those who are fully committed to living their purpose and are seeking to accelerate how they do it. Also for those who are looking to bring their true authentic selves into the world, make an impact, and grow personally and spiritually.

Purpose Session Details:

  • Each session is a weekly or bi-weekly 60-minute session in person or virtually on Zoom.

  • The first session is a complimentary 45-minute, in-person, vision and goal setting session.

  • A midpoint check-in will be scheduled with you to evaluate your progress and adjust your plan if needed.

  • Upon registration, you will receive a client/coaching agreement and information form as well as a questionnaire to determine your desired outcome.