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Excerpt from the back cover:
"It was time to get real, to get deep, and take off the mask that covered the parts of me that I didn’t like which meant looking at the many pieces of me that, even I, unknowingly concealed from myself. It was time to complete a self-examination of the heart, body, and mind and figure out how to move from where I was to where I wanted to be."
What readers are saying:
"This book will make you laugh and cry at the time. There were so many scenarios that I connected with on so many levels both personally and professionally. After reading My Pink Window, I was compelled to press the pause button to meditate on one question: What is my purpose? Am I fulfilling God’s plan or am I ignoring the signs to fulfill my plan!? What an inspirational message to women from all walks of life. Can’t wait for the Sequel!"  ~ Gretamaria P.
"What an incredible spiritual journey! Life’s bitter challenges were brought to the light, giving others hope and encouragement. And the acknowledgment of being blessed in the midst of it all was a powerful testimony. I was truly inspired."  ~ Sabrenia P.
"What an inspiring story from a Courageous woman, faced with some of life's most difficult circumstances.
Reading all that she has overcome, reminds us of why we should be grateful in all trials and tribulations. This is a great read for anyone with a female in their lives dealing with breast cancer or anyone who needs to hear a story of triumph over tragedy." ~ Kim L.