Hello, I'm Jacqui!

You are naturally creative, resourceful, capable and whole. My job is not to fix you. You are not broken, nor do you need fixing. My gift is to help you see what is possible and see your true genuine selves. I am here to help you find your inner voice and your own inner light that guides your soul. I'm here to help you embrace your bold vision, reveal who you are at your deepest core, regain a sense of self and reinvent yourself for your version of success.   

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"When you let go of those old stories that are constantly holding you back from getting your desires, you can begin to live your life with freedom, passion, expectation, and purpose. You'll begin to envision and experience the greatness of who you're meant to be personally and professionally." ~ Jacqui

How Can I Serve You?

My work helps women enjoy the sweetness of life.

Since 2014, I've helped women rediscover their superpower, become more accepting of themselves, and identify the obstacles holding them back from living an authentic and harmonious life. 


My goal is to help you see yourself with love, allow your greatness to shine, and make choices and deliberate decisions that are true to your soul's purpose. 


It would be my pleasure to partner with you, help you embrace your wholeness, and explore all that life has to offer.  

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“I am thankful for my struggle because, without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength."