Image by Matt Artz

What Is My Pink Window?

​My Pink Window is a personal development company dedicated to women who want to create a positive mindset, rediscover their superpower, and regain their sense of self. It's for those who are ready to do the work to bring meaning back into their lives. 
My Pink Window represents opportunity, dreams, passion, freedom, strength, hope, and love. It is an awareness of the experiences that make you examine yourself and force you to be vulnerable enough to look within for a deeper truth, guidance, and genuine beauty. It is within this window that you allow yourself to be brutally honest with who you are and allow yourself to be open to the changes you want to see and need to make to move forward in your life. 
We are here to help you overcome those dark emotions, unhealthy chatter, and negative beliefs by unpacking the luggage you've carried around so you can feel lighter and own a sense of peace. It's time to remove the dust and go after the desires of your heart. 
My Pink Window is for women who want to live with enthusiasm and expectancy. It's definitely an inside job and now it's time to pick up where you left off and start over with a new perspective. 
​I want to teach you SEVEN steps to successfully grab hold of your true self, your dreams, freedom, and wants. These steps are what helped me from believing I was damaged goods to owning my worth and accepting who I really am.