Hello Ladies!

It's time to take off the mask
and realize who you truly are.

This is for you if:

You are ready to experience a life that satisfies your heart, and soul.​

​You are ready to reach within, dig deep, acknowledge your truth, and present your true self to the world.

​​You are ready to create phenomenal healing from negative experiences and beliefs.

You are ready to get clear on how you want to live your life.

You are ready to experience wholeness and a full heart again.

You are ready to work towards making your dreams a reality.


Are you ready? Then let's move in a direction that will strengthen your belief in what you envision and want for yourself.


The best thing you can do for your well-being is to make the decision to stop letting others make decisions for you.   

It's time to make deliberate decisions, move on it, and expect miracles to happen. I will be with you all the way as your number one cheerleader.

Let's have the audacity to transform ourselves back to who we truly are and move towards creating our greatest experience of life. 


I will meet you where you are to enhance your personal power. When you allow yourself to learn new ways to unpack the luggage you've been carrying all these years and expand your worldview by experiencing a new way of thinking, everything starts to become crystal clear.  

I will nurture your whole being. I want your whole mind, body, and soul to be fulfilled and balanced while taking small steps to get to your bigger vision.

I will help you build an awareness that will allow you to get out of your own way. Let's create a strategy that will encourage you to be proud of who you are, and live a life you'll love.  

The First Step To Progress Is Learning About Our Coaching Services
My Pink Window Signature Programs


This program identifies the process of transformation through 4 phases that will motivate you to move forward, make deliberate decisions and actions, focus, and inspire you to turn your aspirations and ideas into real tangible goals.


Phase I: Process of Change

​Phase II: Acceptance

​Phase III: Never Give Up

​Phase IV: Empowerment

This is an 8-week, 2-hour group coaching session that delves into how we process the things within us that determine how we handle certain situations, shifting our mindset and accepting the skin we're in. Let's become aware of how we're really feeling about ourselves. I will help you process and heal what hurts. I'll work with you to reflect, identify what's holding you back, and unpack the triggers that accompany your self-esteem so you can move to the next level of your goals and plans for success.

DSC_0104_pp_ Blk and Tan.jpg

You will be accountable for never giving up on yourself and your desires for a fulfilling life. It's time to believe and put action behind your wants.


It's time to write the vision to success and define your own pink window. 

(*Individual coaching available upon request.)



This is a 6-week, 1.5-hour group coaching session. It's time to reveal who you truly are, your aspirations, the gifts that are already within you, the dreams hidden and put to the side due to obstacles in your life. Start showing up as a confident and empowered woman.

Let me help you create a strategy to regain your sense of self-worth, identify your fears and strengths. Release those old stories that no longer serve you, and create a step-by-step plan to work towards reinventing yourself. 

Everything we hold true comes from within. It's time to focus, stay positive, motivated, and excited about your new life’s story. 


(*Individual coaching available upon request.)


Our Small Group Coaching Programs Include:

  1. An intimate setting of 8 - 10 like-minded women.

  2. 45-minute vision and goal-setting session.

  3. Design a plan of action that matches your vision.

  4. Weekly accountability updates, check-in, and achievement of targeted goals.

  5. Individual midpoint progress check-ins. 

  6. Unlimited email support.

Motivation as a group promotes individual accountability. I want to help you attain your goals.



My Pink Window One on One Coaching

One on One Co-Active Coaching


You are the star! Working together, I will help to deepen your self-awareness and expand your self-perceptions. As your coach, I listen intently to your passions, your dreams, and what’s holding you back from reaching your goals. I listen with my body, mind, and spirit to what you say, how you are saying it, and even those intimate conversations with yourself that are not said. I help you change obstacles into opportunities and fulfill your goals despite surprising circumstances. I help you experience difficult emotions that may arise in the moment that may have been triggered from the past. I create a safe space for you that allows for trust, authenticity, and truthfulness.

I am all about helping you gain clarity about the issues you want to address, the future self you envision, and the self-defeating behaviors that get in the way. Let's cultivate new, life-altering habits and acquire a new mindset that keeps you enthusiastic, positive, and motivated. It's time to explore and embrace empowering skills that move you towards the life you consciously choose.

Life Coaching gives you the skills you will need to handle life’s challenges. It is my job to help you recognize the gifts that life is offering you and to assist you in being the very best you can be. I can offer you new perspectives, clarification, transformation, and hope.


One on One Co-Active Coaching Details:

We ask that you make a 6-month commitment. This is how we can help you create and see change.

Each session is a weekly or bi-weekly 60-minute session in person or virtually on Zoom.

  • The first session is a 45-minute, in-person, vision and goal setting session.

  • Weekly accountability updates via email to make sure that you are focused and on target to achieve your goals.

  • A midpoint check-in will be scheduled with you to evaluate your progress and adjust your plan if needed.

  • Three 20-minute calls to use as needed for unforeseen issues or questions that require clarity.

  • At the end of your three-month period, I will present you with an updated plan, so that you can continue to reinvent yourself for success.


Upon registration, you will receive a client/coaching agreement and information form as well as a questionnaire to determine your desired outcome.


* To partner with you in reaching your personal and professional needs and goals. 
* To be present in the moment and listen with my whole mind, body, and soul.
* To push you beyond your comfort zone and the limits you put on yourself.
* To offer ideas outside of your thinking.
* To point you in the right direction and keep you focused.
* To present understandings and patterns about yourself that you are not aware of.
* To help you remain naturally creative, resourceful and whole. 
* To help you believe in yourself and realize that you are stronger than you know.